Wife wants sexual massage!

Hey all! Everybody has their own sexy fantasies and my all time favourite fantasy is going for a massage, being lubed up and then fucked hard in my pussy! My husband doesn’t know I will be having sex, he will just think I’m going for a normal massage like other people do, but really it will be for the hot sex! I have always imagined what it would feel like not to just have somebody else’s hands giving you a body massage but also somebody else’s hands playing with my clit, ass and tits just before taking their hard cock deep inside me! So please message me if you have the hands to give a good massage and a cock to fill my holes in!

Joan is from Alfreton, Derbyshire.
Gender: Female
Username: Joan
Age: 48
Marital Status: Married
Turn ons: ,
Best features: Bum :)
Looking for: Man to give me a kinky massage
Target age: 30+

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