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Parking lot dogging meets

I think dogging is awesome, I always have. Just lately though I’ve found it hard to find some parking lot dogging meets. I just want to experience naughty dogging at its best, and for me I can’t go past a sweet round of parking lot dogging. Doing it in a parking lot is really kinky, watching a couple fucking on the bonnet of a car, that’s got me hard just thinking about it. I bet there’s loads of parking lot dogging meets going on in your area, and if so please let me know how hot they are. Only a few years ago I had no idea what dogging even was, and if you’d asked me to go dogging I would have though just that, we were going to look for dogs. Now over the years I have tried and watched dogging sex as much as possible. I’ve seen it in the park, behind loads of bushes, and even under our local bridge. But I always come back to parking lot dogging sex, it always gets me going loads more than anything else. So these days as soon as I hear about dogging meets in parking lots, I am there in no time at all to watch the dogging action.

I also hear stories all the time about dogging, I hear about random couples trying out dogging for the first time, and in most of the cases they love it. There’s loads of massive communities totally dedicated to dogging, you can find them online with an easy search for parking lot dogging meets. You guys will never look back, not once you try out that dogging sex. If I could give any advice to a first time dogging lover, it would be to take things easy. You need to remember that your having sex in public, and your also wanting people to watch you doing it. You might get a little shy once you know your’e being watched, just take it easy though as most dogging lovers keep to the rules. They should never approach you, or try to join in, not unless you ask them to of course. It’s actually why I like parking lot dogging meets so much, a car park offers up so many chances of wild dogging sex. The bonnet of the car is always a favorite, but there’s plenty of other places in the car lot for pure dogging pleasure.

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